About Strategic Market Alliance

Strategic Market Alliance is an interdependent member-owned cooperative serving as a catalyst for optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of all stakeholders within our sphere of influence.

Comprised of North America’s leading janitorial, sanitation and foodservice distributors, SMA’s mission is to create value-based business solutions that result in mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships between suppliers, member distributor owners and our mutual customers.


SMA’s Strategic Platform and Organizational Focus:

  • Education and Training
  • Strategic Account Development
  • E-Commerce – Reduced Channel Costs
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Networking and Best Practices
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Information Services

Strategic Market Alliance’s value-based initiatives are directed at markets that our distributor owners, supplier partners and customers identify as important and/or strategic to their future. SMA Owners are united in positioning SMA as a unique and desirable channel partner that delivers on its commitments.

Strategic Accounts

Strategic Market Alliance serves the United States and Canada from more than 190 distribution centers, providing customized supply chain solutions to multi-site organizations. Tailored to fit the needs of the customer, SMA provides the resources, experience and expertise to help you achieve cost reduction and supply chain efficiency through the following:

  • National Programs
  • Local Service and Support
  • Just-In-Time Delivery
  • Program Coordination and Oversight
  • Education and Training
  • Centralized Ordering and Billing
  • Customized E-Commerce System
  • Flexible Reporting Options
  • Product Consolidation and Standardization
  • Sustainability Programs
  • Product and Application Audits
  • Compliance Reviews

For more information, please view our Market Segments page, contact us, or call 847-803-4888.


SMA proudly features HealthRite®, our innovative healthcare training and resource program that provides educational tools and forums for Customers, Manufacturers and Distributors serving the long-term care, ambulatory and acute care segments of the healthcare market place. HealthRite® seminars are regularly staged learning events that facilitate the sharing of current practice and process in the areas of infection control and healthcare facility hygiene. SMA understands the vital importance of Infection Prevention to Healthcare organizations, and our Distributors employ dozens of Healthcare Specialists who are rigorously trained and certified in infection prevention through the HealthRite® program. Also, as approved suppliers to leading Group Purchasing Organizations, SMA is positioned to deliver the most cost-effective logistics and supply chain and procurement solutions, and to provide Healthcare professionals and staff unrivaled support in the performance of their vital roles.

For more information, please contact us, call 847-803-4888 or email HealthRite@smasolutions.com.


SMA’s Information Technology team uses a "DevOps" approach for software development which incorporates development, technology operations and quality assurance disciplines to rapidly produce and deploy software products and services. Our emphasis on cross functional communication between developers, technology resources and operations personnel, combined with our collaborative strategy and focus on the needs of our stakeholders, maximizes our ability to be responsive in today’s dynamic technology environment. Our DevOps team creates and maintains the organization’s e-commerce, website and mobile device communication platforms for use by members, suppliers and end-user customers. Our constant objectives are to select, implement and manage technologies that enable accurate and secure communication, transaction and business process tracking across the spectrum of users who interact with SMA on a daily basis.

Strategic Market Alliance proudly participates in these organizations: